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Explore East Anglia's visitor economy.

The visitor economy is much more than the tourism sector. It’s town centre management, cultural events, retail, dining, the evening economy and all of the experiences that people visiting an area might expect.

VENI is the Visitor Economy Network Initiative, a partnership that brings educators, businesses, the public sector and social enterprises closer together.

VENI is all about changing perceptions. In the past tourism, hospitality and other sectors in the visitor economy were seen as limited careers – seasonal work, part time, low paid and long hours. The VENI approach is to change this perception by highlighting the vast choice of career paths within the sector, provide access to training and advice from industry leaders, as well as create business networking opportunities.

VENI creates opportunities for young people as well as people of more mature years, to develop work-ready skills and participate in, and learn more about their local visitor economy.

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What is the visitor economy?

From pros working in the East's visitor economy

Here’s some comments on working in the industry from some professionals in the region. 

I work with an amazing group which makes every day fun and interesting. Working with the public means that every day is different and being at Center Parcs you can really make a difference to someone’s holiday. The great thing about the visitor economy is that there is such a varied number of roles. Although my role is considered ‘back of house’, it is still a great feeling when you give someone a chance and offer them a job.

Corinne West Village Resourcing Manager, Center Parcs

Meeting the happy guests, building the team and seeing them flourish is most enjoyable to watch and being part of that is so very rewarding. Seeing the business grow, seeing your hard work come to life before your very eyes. You create the environment you want to be in, so it’s important to remember that.

Adam Goymour Park Director, ROARR!

My favourite thing about my job is the variety of tasks that I perform throughout the year. Each week is different, and it is enjoyable seeing the work that I put in over the winter pay off in the summer. It is also great to work in an outdoor environment through the summer. Some of my best friends are people who I have met through my job, and I really enjoy working with the supervisors and lifeguards each year.

Ted Morgan Lead Lifeguard Supervisor, RNLI